Athens Transit Development Plan

Athens Transit System (ATS) has completed updating their Transit Development Plan.

The purpose of the plan update is to assess the operations of Athens Transit System to ensure that the system meets the needs of the community in an efficient and economically effective manner. Whether or not you use Athens Transit for your transportation needs, ATS would like to hear from you. Your input on routes, schedules, and transit amenities is very important to ATS and welcome any time.Below you will find links to the FY 2005-2010 Transit Development Plan. Also, the Final Executive Summary and the Final Report of the FY 2011-2015 Transit Development Plan.

Read the Final TDP Update 2011-2015 Executive Summary Here (.5 MB PDF)

Read the Final TDP Update 2011-2015 Final Report Here (3.4 MB PDF)

The Original FY 2005-2010 Transit Development Plan

This report documents the Fiscal Year 2005-2010 Transit Development Plan (TDP) for the Athens Transit System (ATS), the agency responsible for providing public transportation services in Athens-Clarke County Georgia. This TDP is intended to accomplish several objectives:

Determine public and key stakeholders level of satisfaction, needs and expectations of the Athens Transit System.

Provide a reliable data base upon which existing services can be evaluated with respect to measures of efficiency and effectiveness.

Evaluate ATS existing fixed route service to develop change to route alignments, schedules, span of service and service frequencies that will improve individual routes and system productivity and align transit services with demand.

Provide a solid foundation for future service expansion by developing system level service concepts, design guidelines and performance monitoring techniques.

Develop service plan recommendations that can be incorporated into MACORTS regional and long range transportation plans and improvements.

The Athens Transit System mission, strategic goals and objectives, performance measures, local, state and federal transit regulations provide the strategic framework within which the TDP was developed.

Presented in Word Document (.doc)