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ATS Notice of Public Rights Under Title VI

Athens Transit's Notice of Public Rights Under Title VI (click here...)
Athens Transit's Title VI Plan (click here...)
Athens Transit's Title VI Procedures and Complaint Form (click here...)

Transportation of Animals on Public Transportation

Transportation of animals in a commercially made pet carrier is authorized on Athens Transit vehicles. As long as carrier is appropriate for vehicle and animal, the carrier is relatively clean and not a public health hazard. Of-course, service animals are always welcome.

Customer Service Survey Here...
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Commuter Choice Survey Here...

In Case of Severe or Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather Service and Route Plan

ATS Timetables in Spanish

Click Here for a Complete .zip (compressed) File Containing All ATS Timetables in Spanish (updated 10/10/2014)

Athens Transit's Half-Fare Application

To Be Eligible to Ride for Half-Fare, You Must Fill Out this Application and Return It to the Information Center and Have an I.D. Made....click here for application...

If you are not in agreement with a decision made by Athens Transit staff regarding Half-Fare Program eligibility, you should file a written appeal with the Director of Athens Transit,...click here for Information On the Appeals Process..

Athens Area Arts Council...Art for and by Athens!

You, Me and the Bus ... Art Rocks!

Great News: New Shelters Coming Soon!

Look for four new music-themed bus shelters unveiled in April 2010, with four more coming in 2011. Designs for Round II and III convey the theme of Art Rocks! A Public Art Tribute to the Music of Athens. These music themed shelters will transform basic public transportation services into an inspirational experience for everyone.

Athens Area Arts Council Bus Shelter Campaign presents You, Me and the Bus...and R.E.M.Athens Area Arts Council Website

You Me and The Bus (Powerpoint - 32MB)

You Me and The Bus (PDF - 5MB)

Athens Transit System (ATS) has completed their Transit Development Plan.

The purpose of the plan update is to assess the operations of Athens Transit System to ensure that the system meets the needs of the community in an efficient and economically effective manner.

Whether or not you use Athens Transit for your transportation needs, Athens Transit would like to hear from you. Your input on routes, schedules, and transit amenities is very important to us.

Read more here.

Multi-Modal Transportation Center Pictures. (72 DPI @ 5MB)

Multi-Modal Transportation Center Pictures. (150DPI @ 20MB)

Multi-Modal Transportation Center Pictures. (300DPI @ 51MB)

Miscellaneous Multi-Modal Transportation Center Pictures. (116MB)

Miscellaneous Marketing. (100MB)