Athens Transit's University of Georgia Student Transportation Program Fact Sheet

  • Mutual benefits of the student transportation agreement between the University of Georgia and Athens Clarke County:
  • Provides students with access to and from off-campus housing
  • Provides students mobility throughout most of Athens-Clarke County
  • Lessens parking needs at UGA and the related cost
  • Provides a safer mode of transportation for students
  • Provides student transportation to jobs, recreational opportunities, medical services, social activities, and community services
  • Increases pedestrain safety by reducing automobile traffic
  • Avoids the need to use limited space within the central campus for parking facilities thus freeing its use for academic needs
  • Reduces vehicle congestion on campus
  • Improves operational efficiency by minimizing the duplication of services provided by ACC and UGA and reducing the cost of transit services to both systems
  • Reduces parking problems downtown and the related cost
  • Lessens congestion on Athens-Clarkes County roads
  • Lessens the need to construct new roads
  • Reduces the need to add additional lane miles to existing roadways
  • Stimulates economic growth for the community
  • Reduces air pollution

Excel spreadsheets:

2011 - 2013 UGA Ridership Comparisons
UGA vs. Total Ridership

24 Month Ridership and Average Boardings per Day